Why the Name?

In 1975, Alexander Solzhenitsyn published From Under the Rubble, which one reviewer described as “a devastating attack on the Soviet regime, a moral indictment of the liberal West, and a Christian manifesto calling for a new society—one whose dominant values would be spiritual rather than economic.” That’s what, mutatis mutandis, this blog is about. The Soviet Union is gone, but the morally bankrupt culture of leftism lives on, incarnate in the government, art, literature, and politics of the United States of Sodom and Gomorrah. In America, there is nothing left – only rubble. Except there is one thing, which springs eternal in the breasts of men in whom eternity has been planted, and that is hope. There is always hope, even as we lie buried under the bare, ruined wreckage of America.

There have been protests. The intellectual conservative movement, born mid-twentieth century, midwifed the Reagan Revolution. But the Reagan Revolution failed. Conservative evangelical Christians, who supported Reagan, and who served a heavenly not an earthly kingdom, offered a natural counterpoise to the apotheosized state. But today’s conservative evangelical Christians are either irrelevantly thrashing about in the swamps of fundamentalism, or else they are busy sucking up to the leftist zeitgeist. Some of them even voted for the infanticidilist United States Senator from Illinois who in 2008 was elected President of post-christian America.

It is obvious that Christians in America have not transformed the culture. It is arguable that they have barely impacted the culture. And it is undeniable that huge swaths of evangelical Christians are themselves being transformed by the culture which they too readily embrace. I speak especially of evangelical leftists of all stripes: the Sojourners, the feminists, the emerging churchers, the Christian sodomite churches.

There are two problems. One is the aforementioned leftist evangellyfish, spear-carriers for the enemies of the church of Christ, and even of decency itself. The other problem is the Christian right. The Christian right is busy trying to recreate an idyllic time when people actually bowed their heads to pray, when people held the Constitution in respect, when education distributed values and not condoms, when little girls wore bonnets and long dresses and didn’t run for President, when Andy and Barney maintained law and order, when a girl could still cook and still would. But those days are gone with the wind, and they’re never coming back again. The Christian right is trying to do the impossible. It is trying to recreate a culture which gave at least lip service Christian values (although those values have mainly been honored in the breach), and it is trying to do so through external, political means. The Christian right is trying to regenerate a culture on the back of the Christian church world, a world which is long on marketing, architectural, and financial expertise, and extremely short on spiritual, theological, and cultural depth.

In short, the evangelical leftists will destroy us, and the Christian right will not successfully defend us. So, is there no hope?

This blog operates from the premise that the church can only be successful if it operates as an alternate society, a counter-cultural union of strangers and pilgrims, more devoted to their King and fellow citizens, then they are to the leftist new world order, or to the rightist vision of American patriotism. It will aim its guns at the evangelical leftists, whose efforts are, quite simply, anti-Christian. But From Under the Rubble will also from time to time aim “friendly fire” at those conservative Christians whose hearts are right, but whose vision has become skewed.

Before politics in America are restored, America’s culture must be restored.

Before America’s culture is restored, America’s church must be restored.

Before America’s church is restored, conservative evangelicals must forget “God and Country,” and learn to embrace “God and Kingdom.”

Before America’s church is restored, the evangelical left must be marginalized, and shamed into silence.

And that’s what we are about.

3 Responses to “Why the Name?”

  1. Wow, you are off to a very impressive start!

  2. I’ve read all. at times with heart hurting. Then at end of this link I’m smiling and feel hope rising. I’ve always known you could do this. M.

  3. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Finally someone has the guts to say the King isn’t wearing any clothes.

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