Why My Style

The style of this blog is perhaps too pungent for certain delicate Christians. One can anticipate the criticism: it is not loving to call evangelical leftists “evangellyfish,” etc. Many such criticisms will come from evangelical leftists whose ox is being gored. I am not concerned with such criticisms. I am concerned much more about those evangelical Christians evangelical leftists may deceive. Therefore, the ridicule and satire placed upon the heads of evangellyfish is not gratutituous polemical violence: it has a serious purpose. Saul Alinsky, the radical leftist whose tactics inspired President Obama’s community-organizing efforts, has stated that ridicule of opponents is one of the most potent weapons available. Ah, but you say, Christians should never adopt the tactics of their opponents. Really? Have you read your Bible?

Consider what Jesus, meek and mild, said about his opponents, the Pharisees. He called them snakes, adulterers, hypocrites, fools, whitewashed tombs full of dead men’s bones, blind guides of the blind. Paul earnestly desired that some of his opponents have their cojones cut off. He called others blasphemous, gangrenous, and shipwreckers of the faith. He openly called for some of his opponents to be “accursed,” i.e., sent to Hell. John called some of his opponent’s antichrists. Now granted, these were not in every case Christian opponents. I readily concede that evangelical leftists are Christians, and therefore, are not generally worthy of such epithets. So, I will not call them snakes, adulterers, hypocrites, fools, whitewashed tombs full of dead men’s bones, blind guides of the blind, blasphemous, gangrenous, shipwreckers of the faith, accursed antichrists. I won’t even express a desire that their cojones be cut off. I will however, call them “evangellyfish,” and other mild epithets that certainly should not offend those who care about the defense of simple truth against those who dishonor it.

One should note that Jesus, Paul, and John, when using such violent rhetoric against opponents, did so in public dispute, when truth, and the fate of their audience, was at stake. I certainly do not believe that in private discourse with any Christians, including evangellyfish, such tactics should be used. In no case did Jesus or any of the apostles do so. This blog is public, it is by design polemical. It is not meant to be private discourse between Christian brothers. The style is therefore appropriate to the situation.

I can not tell you how many times, in other contexts, people have written and lambasted me for my style, using rhetoric at least twice as violent as the rhetoric of which they complained! I feel sure that those who comment on this blog will have the intelligence not to do that.

Having said that, I must point out that there will be no gratuitous name calling. The goal is irony and humor, subtle ridicule, not heavy-handed trashing of anyone. I am more interested in pricking balloons full of hot air with a pin, then I am in pointing out that evangelical leftists are “of the devil,” as one prominent evangellyfish recently called a conservative Christian complementarian.

One of the best pieces I ever read concerning the biblical use of satire is by J.P. Holding and Phantaz Sunlyk. The article is called “Offensisitivity,” and may be found at http://www.tektonics.org/lp/madmad.html. If anyone posts that I’m not being “loving” enough, I dare say I will refer him to this excellent article.

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