Who This Blog is For

My target audience is orthodox, evangelical Christians living in the USA, who are seeking to live their Christianity in a postmodern, post-Christian, post-moral culture whose disintegration accelerates daily.

I am concerned to expose compromises made by the evangelical church with American culture. I am particularly exercised to point out such compromises made by the evangelical left. However, some effort will be made to aim “friendly fire” at the evangelical right.

I believe that both evangelical left and evangelical right have compromised with different aspects of American culture. The evangelical right is very busy trying to reestablish the grand ideal of an older Christian culture. The Christian right aches for a Christian America, a city on a hill designed to bring the light of Christ to the nations. The evangelical right pines for an idyllic day gone by, when one could plausibly (though fallaciously) argue that a Christian America existed. If such a time existed before, it certainly doesn’t now. The culture is not even sympathetic to Christianity. On the contrary, American culture despises Christianity. It is post-Christian moving anti-Christian. The Christian right has done nothing to stop this movement, and probably never will.

There are problems associated with the Christian right’s attempts to restore Christian culture to America. One of the major problems is the effort is quixotic, and doomed to fail. But these unfortunate aspects of the Christian right pale to insignificance when compared with the positive evils the Christian left is attempting to bring on church and society. Evangelical leftists proudly proclaim their independence from “Americanism,” while they daily suck up to the leftist zeitgeist. They proclaim they love the environment as much as they love aborted babies, and then parrot ignorant global warming mantras chanted by the secular left. They proudly proclaim they love poor people, and then turn around and advocated a redistributionist economics that has created more poverty and more poor people than Adam and Eve did when they ate the fruit. Evangelical leftists unashamedly adopt the modern secular feminist ideology, and then say they affirm the inspired, inerrant word of God which contradicts modern feminism in just about every point. They say they believe in the Bible and justice, and then attack capital punishment. The most prominent evangelical leftist of all, President Barack Obama, has filled his administration with sodomite activists, he proudly supports genocidal abortion, and, despite his quibbles, has never satisfactorily explained why he voted to let survivors of botched abortions to lie unattended in Illinois hospitals.

There is no excuse for evangelical leftists. Thus this blog.

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