Social Justice Warriors Teach Me that Chinese Churches are Racist

David Pratt

I hear tell via an old podcast that David Pratt of Birmingham, Alabama has chastised his congregation for being too white. The wicked sinners who comprise his congregation have committed the unpardonable sin: they were born with white skin, and associate mostly with people of the same skin color. With a start, I came to realize that for the 23 years that I spent in China, I was associating with Chinese racists. Every church I attended was 100 percent Chinese, except for me and my wife. Such racism! Such discrimination! Such Chinese privilege! Then I began to think further. What about all those black churches in America? There is no diversity! Such racism! Such discrimination!

Fortunately the two churches with which I am now associated shall escape the fiery denunciations of the social justice warriors, because one has a black pastor, and the other a significant contingent of black folks. One even has an Hispanic couple. How holy we are! Haven’t the social justice warriors of the evangelical left taught us that what matters is the color of our skin? None of that Martin Luther King nonsense about the content of our character!

~ by matthewdavidcameron on February 1, 2019.

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