Heidi Montag… Reprise

I know that I have already nominated Heidi Montag for Evangelical Pussy Wuss of the week. However, having run across some more information on the web, I am thinking I need to reconsider. Miss Montag’s Twitter entry for May 26th, 2009 at 5:16 PM says: “i love Jesus!” I was struck by her theological depth, but not so much, I must confess, as by this picture of her:

Heidi Montag - Free in the Spirit

Notice that our sister is quite free from the law – the joyous spring in her step, the happy smile. Doesn’t she almost remind you of our first mother, Eve? She is obviously full of the Spirit. Perhaps she was ministered to by her then boyfriend Spencer Pratt, who in the picture below, laid hands on Miss Montag in order to empower her for further ministry.

Mr. Pratt Empowers Miss Montag for Ministry

We in the backwards areas of our country should take a lesson from the new California Christians. God forbid that our cranky legalisms interfere with a fresh move of the Spirit!


~ by matthewdavidcameron on June 7, 2009.

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